Strategic Plan 2016-2020
A new horizon
for Engineering
and R&D services #Altran2020

Dominique Cerutti
Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer

"We will position Altran as the undisputed global leader in the Engineering and R&D Services"
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The Altran 2020. Ignition
Strategic Plan

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Altran on the move.

Augmented value
With Pascal Brier, Altran’s EVP Strategy & Innovation

Industrialized Globalshore
With Daniel Chaffraix, Altran's EVP Transformation

Towards a new collaboration mode
With Charles Champion, Airbus’ EVP Engineering and Clara Gaymard, GE France’s Chairman and CEO

Did you know?

In one day, a single
gas turbine is
producing 120 times
more data
320M Twitter users.

Source: Computer Weekly

The mobile health
market will be
multiplied by 7
by 2020 to reach
USD 45bn.

Source: Mordor Intelligence

By 2020,
80% of humans
will use

Source: Techcrunch

Airbus & Boeing
have an order book
between 8 and
10 years' production.

Source: Financial Times

8 out of top 10
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are US based.

Source: Strategy&

Due to regulation,
Europe CO2 emissions
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from 130g/km today
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Source: ICCT

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